Studio Hybrids


"Departed - to the Judgement -
A Mighty Afternoon -
Great Clouds - like Ushers - leaning
Creation - looking on -

The Flesh - Surrendered - Cancelled -
The Bodiless - begun -
Two Worlds - like Audiences - disperse -
And leave the Soul - alone - "

- Emily Dickinson

This body of work features what I call "hybrid photography" - images which merge the use of modern digital photography with images from film based sources (typically 35mm and medium format).  More recent editions to this series are also hand colored or painted.

The work in this series was originally inspired by classical sources, and also was the start of my digital / film hybrid work.  This style of imagery can be seen in my Dryad series, Throne series, Asylum Hybrids, and others.

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