monday, january 21, 2008

Some oldies, revisited, and new project

Asylum NudeSo I was going through some old files this morning, looking for ... something (I don't remember what at this point), and decided to post a few color versions of some selected images from the "asylum nudes" series of work.  This shoot was pretty much a one-day (three hour) deal, but I ended up with a number of good images from the shoot.  The location was really rich with colors, as you'll see in the other "asylum" gallery, which is the non-nude shoots that I did there.  For these latest images, I intentionally desaturated the color by about 25%, as I thought it really played well with the quality of light and the softness of the tones in these images.  It would be nice to get back in there again with another model, but it is cold, and I've sort of lost track of my contacts up there.  Ah well. 

Photography is different than many other art forms, particularly the fact that your work and images can be reproduced countless times (unlike an original painting, etc).  This makes it perceptibly less valuable to some, as you are never really buying a unique, one of a kind piece.  Thus, many photographers release limited editions of their work, which does help to enhance the value of it.  Some even go so far as to destroy their negatives after they are printed. I've had this in the back of my mind for awhile now - not necessarily going the route of releasing limited editions, or destroying negatives (scary), but rather, coming up with a realistic and unique way of releasing one of a kind pieces.  And... an idea came to me this weekend.  I'll leave it at that for the time being.  Ah the suspense!

In any event, I'm looking for a few models for this series of work.  My art budget is a bit tapped however, so I'm only working based on trade for the time being (time for print).  I need females and males.  If you are interested, please contact me!