saturday, august 23, 2008

Morning Asylum

Asylum Nudes SeriesI'm not a morning person.  Not by a long shot.  But we all have to make sacrifices...

Today, I was hoping to wrap up the last of my asylum series, shooting in one of the north / south facing buildings.  It was one of the smaller buildings, but had some features that I found particularly interesting.  The optimal time for most of the shots I wanted was early morning, so, it had to be done. 

Coffee, extra strong.

I knew there was trouble sometime after I got out of bed, and noticed that the sky was cluttered with clouds.  Thunder, rain, and generally dim, overcast indirect unsatisfactory lighting. I arrived at the site, started dragging my equipment in, and was met with a lazy bit of rain.  My model showed up a bit later, and we got to work.

Subdued light is sometimes workable, depending on the situation, but given that we were indoors, exposure times were bordering on extreme, beyond one second each, sometimes as long as four seconds... difficult or impossible to pull off small apertures, overall, at the beginning, the shoot was at whim of the mood of the light.

Sometime a bit before noon, the clouds lifted, and things seemed to accelerate. I shot mainly color, some black and white, and very few infrared.  The few IR that I managed, I like (for now).  I'm the type that will do a shoot, pick some shots, come back later, and pick an entirely different set of shots after the moment of the shoot has subsided. 

My hope was to pull together another 20 usable images to complete this project, but things went very well, and I got at least double what I was hoping for.  I've posted a selection of these to the Asylum Nudes portfolio. 

I'll be posting some info soon on my next exhibit and some other interesting developments very soon...