saturday, december 21, 2019

Relics Series 2019

I've just posted a few images from my newest series - Relics, which I began early in 2019.  

Relics extends some of the work that I began with the Rhythms series, which involved creating composite images from shoots based on figures in motion.  End results of that series were often adlibbed, the final image a result of the images complied from the original shoot(s).

The Relics series approaches similar imagery from a different angle, where the final image is often sketched out far in advance, and the shoot is comprised of posing and motion(s) designed to augment the final image.  In essence, the final image is the driving force behind the imagery created within the shoots.  In some cases, the images incorporate poetry or other written elements, which are sometimes the original source of inspiration for the images.  There's quite a bit of thought here... 

In any event, four new images have been posted from this series to my website - located under the Relics gallery.  A selection of this series will appear at the Dirty Show in 2020, as well as other shows.  I'll be focused on this series throughout the winter.  Check it out!