monday, august 21, 2017

Sleeping Bear Updates, More!

I posted some new updates today to my Figure Studies of the Sleeping Bear Dunes portfolio. These new images are from the Otter Creek / Esch Beach area, one of my favorite waterfront areas of the Lakeshore.

Characteristic of many of the dune landscapes, the Otter Creek area seems to shift and transform season to season, throughout the year. Otter Creek itself can sometimes flow as a simple outlet into Lake Michigan, where other times, it will twist and cleave the length of the beach, running parallel to the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Just east of the beach are lush cedar forests, stands of stark red pine, and steep bluffs, which lead up to some of the more remote gems of the dunes.

This particular day was dominated by a thin haze, shifting and unpredictable lighting, and somber skies that were threatening rain, which I felt really set the mood for the images that were captured.

Beyond that, I am beginning to wind down location shoots for the year. There is a sense that winter is coming on quickly, as the leaves have begun to change rather suddenly. After moving from the studio in Traverse, I have been set on building a new studio on the farm. I am hoping to have this wrapped up in the late fall, however, a lot of work is left to be done. Updates on that to follow...

Until then, I am focused on the Dunes project for the next two months (usually cutting off in October, reasonably). I am always looking for models, so please shoot me a message if you're interested.

Finally – I am much more active on Twitter and Instagram, and post work weekly, or more often. Follow me there for more frequent updates!


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