My art represents a personal evolution.
Always changing, growing, aware.

My inspiration comes from within.
From without.
The simplicity, or question, of a moment. 
A painting.
A poem.
An arrangement of music.  

Above all, my work is personal. Autobiographical, in a sense. I draw from all things that I have experienced - conscious, subconscious, and the invisible threads that bind the two.

Though the camera is the primary catalyst for my work, I strive to produce images that go beyond merely capturing a split-second in time, and attempt to create work that is deeper, deliberate, and more emotive.  I do not want to be confined by allowing the camera to have the final say on an image, but rather, desire to use everything that I know about photography and art as a color in the palette of the final piece of work.
- Geoffrey Vail Brown


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